Only in 2 days exhibition fair in Paris, we have 9 reservations out of 40 on sale. With such interest we have decided not to go to any further during 2018. Each presence envolves costs and we do want to present affordable prices for such high ecological technology:

Our exhibition in Paris

With the presence of Portuguese Secretary of State for tourism addressing to MonsantoVerde investor in the presence of our Mayor and our TaxLawyer

The leading team (our TaxLayer correspondant in Paris; the investor and Farm owner; our Sales rep at the Fair)

The Managing associate of MonsantoVerde with Idanha Community Mayor and our Sales Rep at the Fair

Our MonsantoVerde is widely appreciated among Real State Professionals

The Managing Associate invited on a Conference of Ecolodging with MonsantoVerde

In Portugal, Monsanto Verde is already honoured for its initiative referring to the affordable pricing (economical responsible), Nature conception (ecological) and full package for perfect settling in this region (societal concern).

The three leading national media (most reading newspaper of Portugal - CM, most important TV of Portugal - RTP, most "intelectual" media of Portugal - DN),  were the first to announce our "Sales launch".